Inner West Foraging workshop December 3

Take a walk in the park and discover the edible and medicinal plants living around you. 
Sun 3 December - 9am


Inner West Foraging workshop December 3


Inner West Foraging workshop December 3

from 25.00

Take a walk in the park and discover the edible and medicinal plants living around you. 
Sun 3 December - 9am


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Learn about the most common species growing in your garden, along the green belts and in parks and reserves. Find out how they have been used for food, craft and natural remedies. Discover ways to safely harvest from the urban 'wild' and enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals. This is a family, wheelchair and pet friendly stroll in the park, dress for the weather bring camera and notebook if you wish to retain the information.

All guest will be issued with a booklet detailing 20 of the most common species to take home with you, see below for a preview:

Tempe Station Carpark
Richardson Crescent
Tempe, NSW 2044

Sunday 3 December, 9am to 11:30ish

CONTACT DETAILS: Diego 0411 293 178 info[at]

And here's a list of some of the wonders growing out there, and probably in your garden too.

Diego believes that the best food is not found in the supermarket but all around us, and he's teaching inner-city dwellers how to forage.

As seen on The Feed, SBS2 March 24 2015

I have made an observation about what I have learned from you. By introducing the dimension of the different tastes of the different plants into my experience I’m am relating to my environment in a totally different and much richer way.  When I walk into my backyard I no longer see different shaped green things, I am distinguishing between plants by look and taste.

Thank you for giving me those eyes.
— Nigel, 2014
Thank you so very much Diego!  It was such a pleasure to meet you and I really enjoyed the workshop.  I loved it so much I am going to tell lots of people about it.  Very informative and very fun!
Thanks for sharing these resources and thanks for opening my eyes to the world of weeds :)
— Kate, 2015

Hello Diego,
I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to pursuing this more. It is certainly astonishing to think how ignorant most of us are of all of this opportunity around us.... I'm constantly looking at my feet now to see if I can spot any edible weeds!
Thank you for making it a fun morning.

Best wishes,
Georgia 2016