Making Soap with Wild Plants -May 20-21

Learn how to make cold processed soap infused with the plants growing in your garden

Making Soap with Wild Plants -May 20-21


Making Soap with Wild Plants -May 20-21

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Learn how to make cold processed soap infused with the plants growing in your garden

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Making soap with wild plants

Learn how to make cold processed soap infused with the plants growing in your garden

Soap making is an age-old skill that anyone can learn. Join wild plants expert Diego Bonetto and soap-maker extraordinaire Lisa Norris for two days on an empowering experience: learn how to safely recognise common medicinal plants growing in your garden and use them in soap!

What we will do

Day one Saturday 20 May 9:30am-2pm

During the first day you will learn how a cold process batch of soap is made, using natural vegetable oils and prepared plant infused oils. You will then participate in making soap under supervision.  You will do this in groups of three, so that everyone will have an hands-on experience of the process. We will have a lunch break and plenty of time to answer all of your questions. We will then put the soap to bed and leave it to saponify overnight.

Day two Sunday 21 May 10am-2pm

We will start the day with a walk when we will discover and learn how to positively identify the most common medicinal plants living in anyone’s garden. We will learn about dandelion, chickweed, plantain, dock, castor oil plant and more. We will then show you how to infuse them into oils for use in a new batch of soap.
After a lunch break we will unmould our soap made the previous day, cut the bars and share the results.

What you will learn

-               how to safely handle ingredients including lye (sodium hydroxide)

-               what equipment is needed

-               what can be used as moulds

-               about some oils commonly used in soap making and their properties      

-               how to use a lye calculator to formulate your own soap recipes

This workshop will empower you with the confidence to make more soap at home, experimenting with different ingredients, fragrances, exfoliants and colours. Soap making can be very addictive, with endless possibilities for creativity!

What to bring
An apron
Long sleeved shirt and covered shoes
Camera and notebook for your notes

What you get to take home
Workshop notes about the most common wild medicinal plants living and thriving in the Sydney region.
Workshop notes on how to make soap at home including a basic soap recipe
Some of the soap that you made

About the tutors
is an edible weeds advocate renown for his offering of urban foraging workshops. Building on the knowledge acquired while growing up on a farm in Italy, Diego introduce people to the ever-present food and medicine plants that surround us. He collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers promoting new understanding of what the environment has to offer.

Lisa has been making soap for over 7 years and since 2012 is presenting her creations as Kangaroo Apple Studio. Her love for natural products has pushed her to experiment while thoroughly enjoying the process. She has a wealth of information and is a great teacher. Kangaroo Apple Soap Studio has won a number of international soap challenges and was recently awarded first prize in the Collaboration Challenge of the international Soap Challenge Club.

About the workshop space
We will be hosted in the Big Fag Press, a community space where creativity is fostered. The press is located just under the Jubilee Park Light Rail Station. There is plenty of parking in the nearby TramSheds shopping centre and toilet facilities as part of the Jubilee Park Oval.
We are conveniently located under the light rail, on a busy bike route and enjoy beautiful views on Blackwater Bay.

Please see this map for location


Allergy Disclaimer: Some people have more sensitive skins than others. All of the ingredients and recipes used in this course will be fully disclosed – if you have any allergy or are sensitive to a particular ingredient you should not use that product.


The cost:  $160 for a two days of five hours each of information packed workshop with notes and soap bars that you make to take home. We will provide coffee and tea facilities but please bring your own lunch. There is also a discount for pensioner and underemployed and a two-for-one ticket so that you can come along with your friend in soap!

Should you need to cancel your attendance please let us know as soon as possible.  We are happy for you to pass on your ticket to another person or to refund the ticket, minus $5 of booking fees.

We do not refund cancellation within 5 days of the workshop. 

Should we need to cancel the workshop we will let you know as soon as we can, offering a full refund. Please note that the walk outdoor will go ahead even in case of rain. If the weather is very poor we will bring plants inside the workshops space where we will learn about them and how to infuse oils.


Please give Diego a call if you have any questions about the workshop on 0411 293 178 or email at info[at]