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Talking up weeds to farmers: can you really sell that?

Wildfood Store is a marketplace for edible wild plants.
We are setting up harvesting hubs within 4 hours drive of Sydney.
We provide fresh, clean and sustainably harvested wild produce to the fine dining industry of Sydney.
We offer training, advice, logistic support and distribution capabilities.

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Weeds as friends? Farmers friend: a nutritious and medicinal plant in everyone's garden.

Is your garden full of weeds? Excellent! You might find that you have something quite special there.
Meet farmers friend (bidens pilosa). a weedy friend indeed. And food. And medicine. And free.
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In season now: Blue flax lily

Oh dear, they're here! Blue flax lily, all over the parks, reserves and street plantings of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and further. Have you tried the berries yet? Check the hints in the blog post, consult Wild Food Map for location and enjoy! Short season folks, better be quick for this treats

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