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Wild Food Map is a plant knowledge and networking tool with a global overview of how people engage with plants and resources in the public and private domain. It provides an immediate window to citizen data embedded in online media that is instantly applicable to our surroundings. It offers an alternative for people to re-engage with their neighbourhoods, streets and footpaths through an edible adventure.

Wild Food Map provides a platform to rethink the way we engage with our surroundings and look at ways our consumption of plant materials impacts our environment and biodiversity. The map spotlights the impact we are having on what is left of our urban and suburban food bowls in greater metropolitan and regional areas surrounding major cities.

The audience
Wild Food Map is a global plant community where gardeners, foragers, growers, restaurants, chefs and bush crafters can locate plants, share knowledge and find resources related to useful, edible and medicinal plant species.
The platform will facilitate real world discovery, identification and learning, while fostering a network of producers, suppliers and consumers to promote and exchange plants, seeds, food and services.

Our modest team has achieved a lot since our inception in 2013, creating a mapping system and knowledge base of wild food and plant sources for everyone to access. This came thanks to people like:

Warren Armstrong - App Developer, New technologies adventurer. Warren is a busy man, coding IRL apps like (Un)Seen Sculptures and lately crafting the inner works of Galaxy of Suns. He's good. His work on Wildfood.in is the current Android Beta and PHP back-end. His day job is with CHOICE,  a consumer goods reviews and testing service.

Salla Mankinen - Online Architect, App Developer. Salla left the corporate world to continue her passion projects, coding for good with a Not For Profit based in Cambodia, along with her incredible suite of language apps. Salla created the wildfood.in  front-end, REST API (AngularJS/Node.js) and MongoDB backend among many other soon to be implemented treats for the wildfood community.

Adrian O'Doherty - Digital Producer, Conceptual and Creative Developer. The ideas man behind a long list of ventures, collectives, projects and brands. Adrian is a Co-founder of wildfood.in working tirelessly across the board.

Diego Bonetto - Environmental Educator, Artist, wild food nerd. Diego talks and walks people around to teach them about plants and the ways they can engage with wild food species. Diego is the front man,  heart and soul, and co-founder of wildfood.in. His adventures 'in the weeds' has taken wildfood.in to Gore-TexRadio NationalAustralian TourismGood Food and a restaurant, university, council, park or garden near you...

 Karli Hindmarsh -Teacher, food expert, copy editor.  Karli has been combing the plant database for language and fact checking. Co-author of the media content repository that is World Wide Weeds and Karli Eat to Live.

Joey Astorga - Plant based chef extraordinaire.  The man in the kitchen at El Capo, In The AnnexSadhana and his new venture Alfie's Kitchen. Joey is just one of the many people in the Food and Hospitality industry to throw their support behind some unforgettable wildfood.in events.


Our contributors and supporters are a diverse crowd including institutions, business owners, gardeners, writers, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, artists, interns, students and academics.

If you aren't sure what you have to offer, and are enthusiastic to get involved, we'd still love to hear from you!  Get in contact

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