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A really beautiful way to learn,
Matt Bungard, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2019

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Foraging interview bonetto 2SER radio art storytelling

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fforaging bonetto art workshop storytelling sydney

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Foodfight food security art bonetto branch nebula performance mca

Encounter Food Fight, Museum of Contemporary Art of Australia, Educational Resource
February 2018

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Land-diego-bonetto-art-foraging-wildfoodmap-app-doherty-armstrong-mankinen- AXON-Journal-laura-fisher.png

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April 2019

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Bonetto foraging casula art storytelling

Wild food advocate Diego Bonetto leads western Sydney foraging workshop.
Chloe Ngo, Liverpool Leader
April 18


Casula Commons,
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bonetto rolling pin magazine interview art storytelling foraging wildfood

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