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Diego is a wild food advocate based in Sydney, most famous for his offering of urban foraging workshops.
Building on the knowledge acquired while growing up on a farm in Italy, Diego introduces people to the ever-present food and medicine plants that surround us.
He collaborates extensively with chefs, herbalists, environmentalists and cultural workers promoting new understanding of what the environment has to offer.
He works to enable convivial conversations around belonging, sustainability and agency. In other words he offers an alternative for people to re-engage with their neighbourhoods, streets and footpaths through edible adventures.
Exhibitions and commissions have included Foodfight (a C3West commission in partnership with the MCA and Liverpool Council, Sydney, 2016); The Rocks Windmill (2013, workshops and public sculpture); Wild Stories (two years of workshops and a solo show, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, 2012); and State of the Arts (group exhibition, Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2011). 
Diego is now collaborating with a cluster of developers, web producers, foragers and horticulturalists to create Wild Food Map a community to identify public domain food and medicine plants living in the landscape, sharing locations and related knowledge through social media interaction.
Diego is also a core member of Big Fag Press, where he provides mentorship to emerging artists and supports Sydney’s print culture through workshops and exhibitions. 
Diego has been featured in a substantial amount of media including articles on Collective Hub, Marie Claire, GQ Australia, LonelyPlanet, SMH, ABC Radio and TV and SBS Radio and TV.

Recent clients include: City of Sydney, Randwick Council, Marrickville Council, Leichhardt Council, Innerwest Council, Liverpool Council, Blacktown Council, Western Sydney Parkland Trust, Sydney Foreshore Authority, Bundanon Trust, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

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Bonetto foraging casula art storytelling

Wild food advocate Diego Bonetto leads western Sydney foraging workshop.
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April 18


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“Bonetto’s work is a barometer of our times, exploring nature, fragility, sustainability and how we integrate ourselves in the natural environment. The work is particularly apt at this point of time with what is going on ecologically, economically and politically,” --  Selection Committee, 2008 Helen Lempriere Scholarship

"Diego... It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day in your world yesterday, eyes down and mind open to the possibilities, the stories and above all else the honesty and sharing of your wealth of information and experience. It is great to know that you are putting the perspective out there, challenging the status quo and helping inspire a new level of respect for plants, our medicine and our food. Walk far and wide, lead people onto the path and continue to gather more stories. You are a wild weed in a world that needs your minerals and resilience... Tap deep into the riches and reach high to the sunlight. Every story shared builds a vibrant inquisitive future. Thanks for what you do !!!" -- Costa Georgiadis, ABC - Gardening Australia

"Fantastic! Thanks Diego and Agnieszka. Was thrilled to go home and start identifying some of the plants we covered in the workshop. Definitely the beginning of a great journey for me. Look forward to future walks :)" -- Harriet

"Diego, I absolutely loved Sunday's Mushroom Trip :)  I was an avid wild-crafter back in my homeland, Michigan and have deeply missed that sense of connection since moving to Australia a few months ago.  Thank-you so much for introducing that simple magic into a new immigrant's life." -- Felecia

"We really enjoyed our visit to the Penrose and the Belanglo forests and learning about which mushrooms we could pick. I especially appreciated your generosity with your knowledge, and that you acknowledged the communal and cultural roots of the practice. We shared most of the mushrooms we picked with work colleagues; and we kept a little for ourselves and made them into a delicious ragout." -- Robyn

"I have made an observation about what I have learned from you. By introducing the dimension of the different tastes of the different plants into my experience I'm am relating to my environment in a totally different and much richer way.  When I walk into my backyard I no longer see different shaped green things, I am distinguishing between plants by look and taste. Thank you for giving me those eyes." -- Nigel

Thanks Diego. Loved yesterday’s talk. You do such a great job of communicating your knowledge in a fun way. -- Melanie

"There is magic and miracle woven into the stories of the land, water and air. Right where you are now.💫  When I moved to the UK several years ago, a foraging walk was one of the first things I did. It ignited a passion and thirst for knowing more of the wild. To become an explorer of both this world and the wild which lives inside of me. 
We had the joy of attending Diego's (aka @theweedyone) seaside foraging workshop last weekend. Half of my notes ended up being plant nerd facts and the other half were Diego's beautiful words about the importance of us taking responsibility as stewards of the land and more specifically, our own little patch and neighbourhood in which we live. 
To see "foraging as communion" and to start to learn what generations before us knew instinctively. That nature is a gift which provides us with incredible medicine and resources to thrive. He spoke about our yearning for a deeper connection to our environment through knowledge and understanding which leads to respect and care. For when we understand something, we then have the opportunity to deepen our relationship to it; whether that be with other humans, plants or animals. The youngest and cutest participant was the most curious of us all. He was about 2 years old. Nibbling on dandelion and searching rockpools. Reminding us that allowing children to explore and engage with the wild is the only way these precious ecosystems will survive. As we nibbled on some pigface and sea lettuce while walking back to the bus stop, I gave thanks for these 'plant people' who so generously share their knowledge and passion for the wild sacred earth upon which we live. The ones who remind us of the magic right beneath our feet. 🌎” -- Tee