Welcome everyone

Hello visitor, this is my first blog post on my new website.

I have been writing plenty in the past, my oldest blog being a wordpress at weedyconnection.com, started as an art project in 2006. In there you will find plenty of material that informed my journey to here, diegobonetto.com.

As you read through it you will notice first of all that it is now a ghost town, only populated by passing posts, and that is written in second person. That blog really shaped the how I work, the why and the where: local.

Other interesting places for you to see my writings would be WildStories, On Nature (in Italian), Tending, BigFAGPress and Hanging Gardens.

Lets see how much I will post on this one. One thing for sure is that I do not want it to turn into a chore, but rather an honest exercise in sharing stories and learned lessons.

Stay tuned, it will be about plants for the most part of it :)