The legends are in town

Pat Jones and Meg Ulman are in town for the launch of their book, The Art Of Free Travel: A frugal family adventure, and we secured the chance for an advance foraging workshop with some of the most knowledgeable folks about wild food and the possibilities of connecting to land.

Pat and Meg are -together with their two sons- Artists As Family, a provocation to the way modern families feed themselves, travel, accumulate resources and become integral player in the community where they live.
AAF produced several seminal works for galleries and in the community, highlighting the importance to shift towards a more sustainable paradigm, not by talking about it, but by DOING it.
Yes, this guys are the living example of a new society based in reciprocity, respect and abundance.

In 2013 they decided to go on an adventure, left their quarter-acre block in Daylesford in good friend's hands and set off on a major road trip by bike, covering 6,000 kilometres in 14 months. 
The idea was to live as much as possible on free food for the year-long journey, and record their experience in a publication.

Their blog is a precious rambling of discoveries and encounters, presenting the possibilities of harvesting wild plants, free economies, fishing, hunting and gathering.

If you then check Wild Food Map you can see their journey in images all the way up to Cape York: outstanding.

Book launch on Saturday 5 December at Florigelium 3pm> FREE
Advance foraging workshop on Sunday 10am - 12pm> $30
Reading at SNO Gallery by Pat Jones 2pm> FREE