Wild Autumn treats> are we there yet?

The Sydney Morning Herald started a brand new festival in Sydney, called it Spectrum Now and invited celebrity actor Richard Roxburgh to direct it.

The result is a mish-mash of pretty much anything that fit the bill of 'surpise'. And so here we are, selected event in the Secret Sydney category offering an evening of tasting and gorgeous drinking by the water front.

Three events in March, on Wed 11, Sat 21 and Sun 29 will ensure a range of possibilities for audience to experience something truly special: food by Joey Astorga (ex-intheannex), drinks form Byron and Chris (Trolleyd) and walking entertainment by yours truly.

To give an idea of what to expect have a look below at the menu created by Joey for another event of ours, the Wild Food Map xmas party: 

Warrigal greens pesto
Roasted garlic/potatoes Chips and seablight
Lemon, Labneh, nastartium
Oysters and pickled samphire
Beef Tarter with olives and wild fennel
Nectarines, honey and lantana flowers

Good ay? Imagine the cocktails..

Thanks so much to Big Fag Press for hosting the event from their premises in Jubilee Park, check it out and jump on board>>

Bookings here

These events are offered as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now presented by ANZ