A forgotten instinct that we all deserve to exploit

Great article today on the Sydney Morning Herald by Georgina Safe.

The good part of it for me is that it mention that my journey in becoming The Weed One started long ago - about 15 years ago - when as part of my Bachelor of Creative Arts form UWS I produced the first wild edibles tour. It was an attempt to reflect on environmental belonging, in a country where the original custodians have been arrogantly repressed and that is now populated by people from all over the world. 

By now I assert that is not a matter of who belongs, but rather, if you live in a place, you should take responsibility and act with respect.

Is it still art? I argue yes, at times, while others I think art is just a restrictive corner of culture, and the real issues at hand (environmental disarray, galopping speculative treatment of resources and egocentric engagement with society to name a few) force us to rethink what is the best way to act.

I would like to couple up the article, which you can read here, with a recording of a Pechakucha style presentation about art and politics last year.
It's fast and messy, but that's PechaKucha for you>


*banner image by Tamara Dean