Food security is real: food fight anyone?

Did you know that nearly one million Aussie kids go without breakfast or bed without dinner?

Join us in Bigge Park, Liverpool on the evening of Saturday 30 April for an artist-led FOOD FIGHT to help raise awareness about a hidden and very real issue: food security – the right to access fresh, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food.
Led by contemporary artists Diego Bonetto and Branch Nebula, in partnership with the MCA's C3West Program and Liverpool City Council, this collaborative project brings together a range of “food heroes” and “food warriors” from the local community, including students from Liverpool Girls’ High School, community kitchen volunteers, food advocates, top cooks and performers.

The FOOD FIGHT event will feature food stalls, cooking demos, a DJ set and live acts. Meet local Food Heroes, witness the epic food fight performance and help us spread the word! 
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Donna Pomare at the Liverpool Community Kitchen & Hub.



What is food security?
Food security is the capacity of individuals, households and communities to attain appropriate and nutritionally adequate food on a consistent and reliable basis, using socially acceptable means. Upwards of 5% of Australians experience food insecurity, 40% of those at a severe level (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

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Dany Ngov
Policy & Projects Officer, Community & Culture at Liverpool City Council

Students from Years 9–12 from Liverpool Girls’ High School Gifted and Talented Program are participating in several workshops to develop a costume for local ‘Food Warrior’ Dany Ngov. Dany will wear the costume at the Food Fight event on 30 April, where she’ll be “fighting” for food security strategies in local government.



Pastor Mick Agius
CEO of Inspire Community Services

Pastor Mick works with a team of volunteers to provide one of the most accessed services in the Liverpool area, the Liverpool Community Kitchen and Hub. He speaks aplenty of the need to provide a welcoming environment for the people who find themselves in hardship, serving hundreds of meals every week: “We are told 5% of the world's population control 95% of the worlds wealth and I for one want to be a person that is conscious of the other 95%”



Watch the live FOOD FIGHT
With a live DJ set, food stalls and an epic finale, take a short train ride to Liverpool for the FOOD FIGHT public event. Taste the culturally diverse foods of Liverpool, see cooking demos by local Food Heroes and witness the live food fight performance!

Please note wet weather contingency plan: Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90A Memorial Avenue, Liverpool.



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