Foraging as communion


Foraging as communion to place.

I am sharing here some amazing words by Tee, who recently attended the Sea Foragng Workshop I run with Oliver Brown of

Feedback is so important to us educators, so that we can then adjust delivery and content, in order to make sure key knowledge has been transferred.

Thanknyou Tee: 

"There is magic and miracle woven into the stories of the land, water and air. Right where you are now.💫


When I moved to the UK several years ago, a foraging walk was one of the first things I did. It ignited a passion and thirst for knowing more of the wild. To become an explorer of both this world and the wild which lives inside of me.


We had the joy of attending Diego's (aka @theweedyone) seaside foraging workshop last weekend. Half of my notes ended up being plant nerd facts and the other half were Diego's beautiful words about the importance of us taking responsibility as stewards of the land and more specifically, our own little patch and neighbourhood in which we live.

To see "foraging as communion" and to start to learn what generations before us knew instinctively. That nature is a gift which provides us with incredible medicine and resources to thrive.

He spoke about our yearning for a deeper connection to our environment through knowledge and understanding which leads to respect and care. For when we understand something, we then have the opportunity to deepen our relationship to it; whether that be with other humans, plants or animals.

The youngest and cutest participant was the most curious of us all. He was about 2 years old. Nibbling on dandelion and searching rockpools. Reminding us that allowing children to explore and engage with the wild is the only way these precious ecosystems will survive.

As we nibbled on some pigface and sea lettuce while walking back to the bus stop, I gave thanks for these 'plant people' who so generously share their knowledge and passion for the wild sacred earth upon which we live. The ones who remind us of the magic right beneath our feet. 🌎”

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