How good is positive reinforcement?

There is lots to say about making people feel good about what they do and build from positive achievements. And the guys behind Food4Good know that. This is a new online community, put together by some very capable positive changers, and I had the fortune to meet two of them in a recent interview, when they came via Sydney and grabbed me for a quick cameo appearance, promoting wild food foraging.

I their words:

Food4Good provides unique initiatives to help create sustainable, memorable and lasting change within Australian communities. We recognise the demand for people wishing to adopt a more simple approach to living and that individuals and community groups have the ability to make a lasting difference.
— Food4Good

I like this folks, you should too. Keep up to date with even more amazing stories of change and empowerment via their instagram, facebook and youtube account.

Below the video put together about foraging and how easy it is>

Diego is an environmental educator, who seeks out wild plants for food and medicine that are available freely within our suburbs. He is a story teller who brings back information that was common knowledge many years ago. Some of the weeds Diego talks about are wild fennel, green amaranth, dandelion, and farmers friends (cobblers pegs).