Mapping human's journey

I always search. I question and mistrust the answers. Follow my hunch, seek out evidence, reason, and then wait. I wait a lot. Wait for the answers to come up.
Human migration and ancestry had me interested since a young boy. Like when back in Italy I didn't like the story that was taught to us, that we all descended from the colonising Romans, who took over a bunch of goat herders just over 2,000 years ago. The story that was taught to us as kids in school did not make sense. How is it that I was speaking a language that was obviously not Italian, if we were all Italians.

Years later the story of proto-celtic populations came to the fore. Complex societies and language groups were there. Some fought to the end.
Interesting also to note that when people speak of humans expansion, they often footnote that there were earlier hominids expansions out of Africa already, some evidence showing that the Neanderthals preceded the Homo Sapiens by at least 200 thousands years. It's complex, an old story that we still find hard to piece together today.

Below there's a map of the current understanding of the modern human expansion from Africa, using genetic markers appearances in world populations. It is interesting because it shows that whatever is your history, your lineage, your background and language, we are all connected.
We expanded and colonised the world in several waves, over and over again, in endless loops. 

The Human Journey: Migration Routes- Click on the map for interactive information

The Human Journey: Migration Routes- Click on the map for interactive information

We are the species with the most agency today, so much that scientist now speak of today as the era of humans, the anthropocene.
We are a geological force, as much as the volcanos and the glaciers. We have then a responsibility. Individual gains, accumulation of resources, disrespect of natural resources, antagonising other species, all of that needs to be reconsidered.

There is no more land around the corner. We have expanded to the full extent of the planet. Lets curb our colonising instinct now.