Harvesting rebels for TEDx Sydney

This year's theme for TEDx Sydney is Rebel Food and what's more rebellious than a weed??

TEDx Sydney is a satellite event of the famous TED talks. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) originated in California in 1984 from an idea of architect and designer Richard Saul Wurman, who wanted to create a platform highlighting the cross overs between the disciplines.

This days TED is run by the Sampling Foundation headed by Chris Anderson, and regional off shoots happen all over the world, including Sydney, after a licence agreement is being granted featuring the principles of TED and abiding to the charta of the model.

TED's motto is 'Ideas worth spreading' and you can read more about the organisation, the talks, the list of speakers, the millions of views worldwide and the criticism on the platform here

TEDx Sydney happens since 2010 and for the past few years they expanded the engagement of guests by presenting thematic catering as well.

And here's where I fit in. As a weed advocate I have been invited to bring some 'rebel' to the table by Jess Miller (goodytwoshoes lady), current food curator at the event.

Great, I said, as this would be pretty much the only chance I have to attend such an event that I cannot afford the ticket for. BUT, harvesting for 2.5k people?? woah

Anyhow, after several email exchanges, phone calls, suggestions, feedback and a tasting section of the chefs at ARIA Catering (who are preparing the food for the conference) we decided to bring in at the table Rambling dock (acetosa sagittata) as fresh garnish to one or more dishes offered on the day.

Rambling dock, acetosa sagittata, from one of the locations on Wild Food Map


Rebel food will bring much more at the table, as other nutrition adventurers will present their own rebellious produce, such as edible bugs, deformed fruit and veggies, seaweed, offals etc..

Brilliant! But to ensure I can provide 10-15 boxes worth of fresh rambling dock to the kitchen I will need to organise a crew of people, and harvest an infestation or two!

Interested in taking part in this? I have just set up a facebook event, where I will keep everyone informed. We will go to the locations mapped on Wild Food Map, but will need more than that too, so if you have an infestation in your yard, or know of one down the park, do let me know by sending an email, or just join the Rambling Harvest event. And I will assure you there will be plenty of learning of what's edible or not on the day. 

TEDx Sydney is on May 21 and the Rambling Harvest will happen on May 18 and 19.