Small growers possibilities: weeds

Next weekend -15th and 16th of July- there is Mudgee Small Farm Field Days, a two days event that act as a magnet for the small farmers of the Central West of NSW. This is more than an agricultural fair, with machinery demonstrations, produce and animal stock display and networking possibility, but also a learning experience, with talks as diverse as ecological impact of farming to small farm management techniques and even a fashion show!

There will be music, activities for the whole family and amongst all the hustle and bustle I will be presenting two talks and a workshop about the possibility of turning the lowly weeds that provide so much grief to farmers, into cash. Yep.

The talks are free, see here for details, while the workshop incur in a small fee, see here for bookings>

There is a market for your dandelions, nettle bushes, wood sorrel carpets and farmers friends infested corners of your property.

This talk would be most suited to small growers, who already have a relationship with distributors or that regularly bring their produce to the market. I will highlight a number of species that are on your property that can be brought to the market as novel produce.

Next time you weed don't chuck it away in the compost pile, but package it and sell it.
The market is ready for your weeds, and I will give direction about how, who and where.

Why would I do that? Read this article by Robin Powell to have an insight>> Because I care.