The role of artists as storytellers

A recent article by Anna Gregory on the 1 Million Women blog brings the spotlight on the value of artists as storytellers.

We live in fast changing, dramatic and -some say- divisive times. The weight of the 'Big Grief' is too unbearable to engage with for many, stuck in shock; while others deny the lot and dig into a narcissistic life, filling their coffers and lives of useless items and experiences, in order to forget. Other still attempts to acknowledge, understand, accept and craft new narratives to tell ourselves as humanity. Narratives that tackle what is happening, the fact the the change is already in motion and the imperative to accept that we do not know what's coming, how the world as we know it will survive and what we will loose in the process.
This last response does not need to be debilitating, just honest. 
There is in my opinion remarkable examples of creative practitioners out there who are working away to create the new myths we will need, the new dreams, expectations, aspirations. One for all the Dark Mountain Project.

I believe as artists we have a great role to play in re-imagining humanity in environment 2.0
I myself dig deep in what we knew and present it back today, explaining what it is now.

I believe weeds is what nature is giving us right now, so we should take the hint and engage with what we've been gifted.
Many might disagree with my stand, and my argument might not be the answer. Time will tell, as the important narratives of tomorrow will unfold.

Thank you 1MillionWomen for what you do.